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Toto Zara

Toto Zara was born in Tafalla, Spain. Toto came from a large, musical family of three brothers and two sisters. Their father was a music teacher and singer who guided the family into music and performing. During the 60’s, the entire family performed throughout Europe based out of Paris. The Zaras performed in large concert venues and nightclubs in Italy, France, Germany, England and their home country of Spain. The Zaras were invited to perform at the Villa of Pablo Picasso on several occasions. Toto was a featured flamenco dancer at the age of 8 for Juanito Valderama in Paris, while taking guitar lessons from his father. While in Germany we toured as an opening act for Sammy Davis JR and Hermans Hermits. The entire family came to the U.S.A to tour, it started in New York, Toronto, Miami, and finally made Las Vegas their new home. 

In 1974 the family quit the music business as Toto continued touring with his own band. Later he opened  a state of the art recording studio in Las Vegas called Midi Works. His band has been featured at Steve Wynn’s “Mirage” Hotel - Casino for ten years, as well as for Wynn’s private parties, and has been the featured performer at Andrea Bocelli’s private New Years Eve Party at the Bellagio for many years, including the gala Millennium celebration.

Toto was the featured “HP World Showcase Artist” at the Boise River Festival in 2002  and continues to return to the heavily Basque ( bringing him back to his roots to the Basque area of Spain)

Toto has recorded many artists from all genre, Barry Manilow, Sharon Stone, Mike Myers, The Night Owls, Paul Anchor, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Victor Noriega, L.A Down, Expose' to name a few.  


Toto has finished seven of his own original albums available on all social media platforms internationally.

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Toto Zara

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